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As on 2018, India has World’s second largest internet user base of 490 million and growing with estimated around 298 million users in Urban and 186 million users in Rural India. In terms of demographic parameters, over 60% users are youngsters and age group below 33 years As per NASCOM reports, by 202 India will have over 730 million Internet users and 75% of new Internet user growth to come from rural areas.

How education institutes can leverage by using Inbound Marketing

Developing digital strategies to attract, engage and nurture with today’s prospective student audiences is an essential. Increase student enrolments, alumni engagement and foster thought leadership with Inbound Methodology for Education Institutes.
The Internet has changed education marketing, and colleges and universities looking to attract more qualified applicants should consider inbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing increases the number of visitors and engagements to your website and helps you convert prospective students into applicants.
We provide inbound marketing strategies to position your educational organization as an authority institution and help you communicate your unique selling proposition perspective to students, which will ultimately help your institution convert more qualified website visitors into applicants.

Inbound Marketing is built upon three components:

Educational content that attracts members of an organization’s target audience to its website.
Premium content resources that turn anonymous web traffic into tangible leads.

Marketing automation capabilities that target users with personalized information based on previous brand and website engagement

We outline the process for establishing a successful inbound marketing strategy, and discuss unique considerations for different types of educational institutions. Here are some of action points an education institute can use in their Inbound Marketing approach.
Building and using personas to better target new prospects
Mapping the prospective student journey
Assessing and repurposing existing content assets.
Creating content that resonates with prospective students

Setting goals for particular academic year that clearly illustrate success or failure

Developing an inbound marketing blueprint


A Roadmap for Successful Inbound Marketing Methodology


Attract the right type of traffic to your brand through inbound marketing strategies like, content marketing, social media marketing and keyword strategy. Share the content on the channels that they are most likely to use.


Convert leads by offering a piece of valuable and irresistible content, such as newsletter, a case study, or a report in exchange for the visitor’s contact information.


Close leads into customers by using workflows and scoring to nurture and move them through your funnel..


Delight your customers by captivating and engaging them through email and social media campaigning and transform them into champions of your organization.

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