Inbound Marketing for Real Estate

Generating Real Estate Leads Through Inbound Marketing
You, in business of real-estate, are extremely beneficial to the buyer in negotiating and closing the deal.
However, the internet is clearly a major part of your buyers journey.
Your buyer needs to be able to find you on the internet during their journey.
This is where in real estate industry inbound marketing for real estate can help you:

1) Attract new business

2) Gain brand awareness

Here are 5 reasons to go Inbound with your real estate marketing

Cool Timeline

Get Found Online

Your target buyers spend more time digesting media online than traditional media. It makes sense,then, to promote your brand online – not in printed advertisements. You can optimize your website to help those searchers; you’ll get found by people who are already looking for you. Having positive reviews about your company is an added advantage

Better Targeting and Return

With inbound marketing for real-estate, all your marketing is more targeted. It’s going directly to people who are actively searching to purchase real estate. Much of that comes through optimizing your website for search, having up-to-date project information on website as well as your social networking pages reflects positive outlook of real-estate organization

Build Trust with Prospects

There’s a lack of trust between buyers and real estate agents, may be for quality, past experience, or right price. Through inbound marketing for real-estate you can bust that myth in your prospects’ mind. Inbound marketing for real estate revolves around publishing content such as blog posts, existing buyer’s testimonials, site pages and premium offers. Those pieces of content offer immense educational value to your potential customers. Adding information about current marketing trends, buyer guide, real-estate loan have value and buyer gets delighted with information they find on your real-estate website, blog and social networking pages.

Stay connected with leads

Email nurturing means continually offering valuable content to encourage further interaction, is a huge part of inbound marketing for real-estate. The strategy keeps your brand at the forefront of prospects’ minds and helps educate their purchase process. Here are some examples of helpful content you can provide to your leads. List of nearby areas schools, shopping destinations, cinemas, restaurants and known attractions and demographic data on each Details on what comps to consider when determining a home’s value such as material, quality of construction, modern amenities and USP you offer

Delight your contacts

Advice on what type of loan to consider based on budget and lifestyle factors, you may also highlight pre-approved loans and bank tie-ups you may have. Also having loan eligibility calculator helps buyer to work on their budget. Tips on how to get through the real estate process for first-time homebuyers and sellers such as taxes, government registration, pre sale and post sale documentation process published in your inbound marketing for real-estate Information on which home improvements provide the best return on investment. This could be investing and choosing on interior designs, kitchen and wardrobe designs, etc

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