Inbound marketing

Attract prospective customers, generate leads, close deals, and make your customers your brand evangelists through our inbound marketing solutions.

These days, anyone can easily build a website to start a new enterprise. But unless you’re getting sufficient customers to your website, your site won’t put any value.

“Traffic leads to conversions, and conversions lead to revenue”

So building a decent customer base is the foundation of e-service platforms.

Inbound marketing, Being the hottest domain in the market is spreading its wings and helping millions of enterprises to their traffic into potential customers.

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Why inbound marketing?

Marketing is the fundamental of an organization.

Each organization needs marketing strategies Either to survive or thrive

However, traditional outbound marketing is gradually losing its potential due to its interruptive nature (pushing ads ).

But inbound marketing works differently.
It works on attracting your prospective customers towards your business through a combination of content sharing, social media interactions, marketing campaigns, search engine optimization to get an optimal ROI for your business.

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Why us?

Our inbound marketing services are certified and optimized. We left no stone unturned to lead

your business to the next level.

We use the best inbound marketing strategies which involve identifying the right buyer personas if they are in their purchasing journey, creating and leveraging the right content with effective digital marketing tools to nurture and convert potential buyers into happy and loyal customers, and building enduring customer relationship.

You’ll get more bang for your buck by retaining your loyal prospective customers parallelly consistently targeting new ones.

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Our Expertise

As a HubSpot Solution provider, we boast of an extensive experience in Inbound marketing to keep clients ahead of their competition.

Your customer is now empowered and hence, you must proactively position yourself as thought leaders in your niche. With expertise and proven tactics in client portfolio ranging from start-ups to SMBs & Large Enterprises, we have an increased bandwidth for deploying effective inbound marketing strategies

We adopt combination of marketing methods across platforms to augment your brand awareness, increase your leads volume and generate revenue.

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Our Deliverables

We believe in a little less in storytelling and a little more in delivering.
The entire cycle of Inbound Marketing revolves around content creation and optimization. With an inbound marketing strategy like ours, you are bound to tread water and achieve exponential growth with ever-lasting customer relationships, irrespective of your size.
Our methodology is divided into three phases- Awareness, Decision and Delight.
We start by attracting your target audience creating and publishing content in various formats and forums such as social media, blogs, e-books, website etc that will make your target audience aware about your products and services.
Once we have succeeded in stimulating their interest, we penetrate a level deeper by optimizing the content with a SEO strategy with the right mix of keywords. This will help reach to your target customer base. We ensure effective customer engaging strategies to always leave them wanting for more.

In the next phase we ensure to inject your customers minds with information they want to take the final decision, i.e., selling the perfect solution to them rather than just a product.

Our work is not over once the purchase has been made rather it gets tougher. Only a delighted customer is expected to return or spread his joyous experience thereby creating more prospects for you. Hence, we ensure specific points like chatbots and surveys, customer feedback and e-mailers where your customers feel constantly engaged and hand held even after he has made the purchase.

From lead generation to nurture, we work to best serve your business needs and reach your goals, faster.

What our services include?

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Buyer's Persona Development

A buyer undergoes a taxing research and analysis process before buying any product or service. Being a team of industry experts we understand buyer's mindsets and the challenges they face. So we create a targeted marketing strategy that attracts and converts prospects.

about Measurable Results

Goal-oriented strategy plan

We understand the importance of revenue goals. So we break them down to create a monthly or quarterly plan to achieve the required number of traffic and conversions.

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Search Engine Optimization

We identify the right keywords for your website and create web content accordingly to rank your website higher on search engines.

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Content Marketing

We start by attracting your target audience by creating and publishing content in various formats and forums such as social media posts, blogs, e-books, website,s etc to enlighten your products and services among them.
We also ensure the best content engaging strategies to always leave them wanting more for your services or products.

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Social Media Marketing

We Manage and help to grow your business's roots in popular social media platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Email Marketing

To boost the buying journey we create targeted campaigns over emails and regular newsletters to improve your companies position and maintain a healthy competition.

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Marketing funnels

Sales and marketing love funnels.
The basic speculation of the inbound marketing funnel is that not all visitors to a website have the same mindset or looking for the same thing. That’s why we create marketing funnels to categories the customers.

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Marketing Automation

At last we Build automated workflows by collecting information passively from visitors and leads to deliver the right content to the right contact at the right time.

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